Gems are infrequent collectibles in all versions of Rail Rush.

Variants and AvailabilityEdit

There are eight kinds of gems that can be obtained in a run, and they are based off of real-life minerals. They are: amethyst, garnet, topaz, spinel, ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. The first four gems are available from the start, while the other four are not. The ruby and sapphire can be unlocked by finishing all missions and clearing all ranks once. The emerald and diamond can be unlocked by finishing all missions and clearing all ranks twice. The latter four gems appear less frequently than the former four gems. All gems, like nuggets, must be collected by leaning over to them.

Nugget ValuesEdit

Each gem is worth multiple nuggets. Here are the individual values of each of the eight gems.

  • Amethyst: 10 nuggets
  • Garnet: 15 nuggets
  • Topaz: 20 nuggets
  • Spinel: 50 nuggets
  • Ruby: 100 nuggets
  • Sapphire: 500 nuggets
  • Emerald: 1,000 nuggets
  • Diamond: 5,000 nuggets


Gems are worth multiple nuggets, and should be sought out wherever they are. However, some gems may be placed in areas where one may risk an early death trying to get. The necessity of having to lean over to grab the gems can be eliminated with a Super Magnet Force.

In all versions, gems are so rare that up to just five of them can be found in one run, but a rock egg power-up can double the frequency of gems for the next run so that up to ten gems can be found. Some missions require the player to get a certain number of gems in total or in one run. It should be stressed once more that Super Magnet Forces would be very useful for such temporary power-ups or missions.

In the Worlds version, players can double the value of gems using the Jeweler’s Eyeglass. The player can earn a lot of nuggets if it is used on diamonds. The value of gems cannot be doubled with a rock egg or premium double nuggets power-up.


The first time the player collects a gem, it will appear in the “gems” screen in the options menu in all versions. The number of each type of gem a player collects is also recorded in the statistics section of the options menu.