The main menu of Rail Rush is what is first seen when the player starts and loads the game.


All versions have the following buttons in the main menu:

  • Play: If you are ready to hop into the minecart and go for the gold, click this button to get started! In the mobile and Worlds versions, the player is asked to select a world first.
  • Missions: Review the current missions that the player can complete for rewards.
  • Shop: Purchase/select characters, cart equipment or power-ups here.
  • Options: Adjust game settings and review player statistics here.
  • More Games: Check out more games from Miniclip, the game’s publisher.
  • Ranking: Shows an online real-time list of farthest distances achieved and the players who achieved them. It is renamed “Scores” in the mobile version.

The Classic and Worlds version exclusively have the following buttons:

  • Get this Game For Your Website: (Classic version only) This button shows the code that can be copied and pasted into the source code of a another website to allow others to play this game on that site.
  • Sound On/Off: A quick link to enable/disable all music/sound.

The mobile version exclusively has the following buttons:

  • Free Nuggets: Players can earn free nuggets from downloading and playing certain apps.
  • Multiplayer: Play against another player online. An internet connection is required in order to use this feature. This mode involves two players taking turns for one round trying to go the farthest distance possible on a random world. If you go first, the game will give out a push notification whenever your opponent finishes his/her turn. The player who traveled the farthest after one round is the winner.
  • News: Redirects the player to the mobile device’s web browser to learn more about constant updates to the mobile version of Rail Rush.

Exiting the GameEdit

In the Classic and Worlds version, the player exits the game by navigating to a new web page, closing the current tab the game is being played on or by closing the web browser altogether.
In the mobile version, the player presses a certain button on the mobile device (“home” on iOS and “back” on Android and Windows Phone) to exit the game. A confirmation message will appear.