layer statistics are recorded and updated after every run in Rail Rush. It is as detailed as the statistics screen in Jetpack Joyride, as opposed to the statistics screen in Temple Run.


  • Overall: Shows the farthest distance traveled for each world (Worlds and mobile versions only), the total number of nuggets collected, the most nuggets collected during a run, the total number runs the player completed, how long the game was played, the number of missions completed and the highest rank obtained. When all ranks are cleared, the highest rank is locked at 32.
  • Deaths: Lists the total number of deaths, along with the number of deaths occurring from each type of wooden obstacle (upper, lower, left or right). Deaths from hazards of similar orientation are also counted as well.
  • Distances: Shows the total distance the player has traveled thus far, the total distance traveled on each individual track (left, center, right), the total distance traveled while tilting left, the total distance traveled while tilting right, the total number of jumps and the total number of crouches.
  • Gems: Shows the total number of each kind of gem collected. If a gem has never been collected before, it will be missing in the gems collection section of the options menu.
  • Levels: Shows how many times in total the player visited each of the various environments of the Old Mines and the total number of lava cavern shortcuts visited. In the Worlds version, the total number of canyons and catacombs visited is also recorded as well.
  • Obstacles: Shows how many times in total the player switched tracks and the total number of each kind of wooden obstacle/hazard the player has cleared.
  • Rock Eggs: Shows the total number of rock eggs collected, the maximum number of rock eggs collected in one run and the number of prizes found from rock eggs.

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